The company currently known as BTK Group can be proud of more than 100-year history. The company was formed because of merge of two leading garment factories, viz. ZAO “FOS-P” and ZAO “TRUD”.

In 1906, the garment factory “FOS-P” (Garment Factory of Saint Petersburg) was put into operation. Sixteen years later, it became the factory named after M.M. Volodarsky.

Factory “TRUD” traces its history to 1945, by 1975 it became the largest garment manufacturer in the region.

On December 3, 2007, enterprises “TRUD” and “FOSP” united, which resulted in BTK Group establishment. This date is rightly considered the company’s Birthday!

Significant investments were made to the company upgrading, e.g. a new production base was constructed, sewing shops were moved from the center of the city and equipped with the latest Japan and German equipment having no analogues in Russia. The factory “TRUD” subsequently implemented a strategic reorganization program meeting the current Russian and European requirements of the market of special wear and uniform. BTK Group started expanding production capacities to become one of the most advanced and high technology enterprises in Russia.


The said transformations have resulted in extensive contracts with various companies of business and state segments, viz. design of uniform wear for Patrol-Guard Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation  in 2007; manufacture of gear for pilots of named trains of OAO RZhD (Russian Railways OJSC) in 2008; uniforms for employees of Flight departments and ground services of Aeroflot company in 2009, and many other contracts for the development and production of special wear for a variety of business industries.