Materials and Fabrics

BTC Group is a vertically integrated holding of consumer goods industry, which not only renders a full range of services to the clients, but also provides its own production sites with raw materials.

In-house fabric production

Manufacturing fabrics is one of BTC Group activities performed based on “Don-Tex” facilities in Rostov region. Purchased in 2013, the enterprise was supported with essential investments – up-to-date production equipment was purchased, and the factory building was repaired. In the nearest future, production high-technology fabrics of synthetic fibers unrivaled in Russia are to be launched. Fabrics can be used in consumer goods industry, as well as in machine building, medicine, and construction. Ultimately, in Rostov region a large consumer industry cluster is planned.

Ready-made fabrics

When manufacturing clothing for outdoor activities, where the determining factor is heat exchange preservation and maximal comfort at different levels of physical activity, BTC Group experts use innovative membrane fabrics. These allow for taking off excessive moisture from a body, adjusting heat exchange and protection against bad weather.

For manufacturing uniform and official outwear and suits, BTC Group members use woolen fabrics or woolen fabrics with artificial and chemical fibers added.

Fabrics for special and protective clothing correspond to the strict standard requirements for fireproof wear. All fabrics are certified with European and Russian certificates of compliance, they tested at Russian enterprises.