All garments manufactured by OAO BTC Group satisfy the requirements of the Russian and foreign standards, they are certified by the leading institutes of Russia and Europe.

Undoubtedly, special wear is required to be high protective. Besides, it must be comfortable, functional and corresponding with the corporate style of an organization. Technical specifications constitute a document that combines and details the requirements to a certain type of special wear.

OAO BTC Group experts deal not only with production of special or uniform wear, but also with development of relevant documentation. Projects on development of norms and specifications are the responsibility of the Directorate for development and innovations of OAO BTC Group. Due to well-coordinated work and professional skill, all tasks set by the Customer are fulfilled in time and unconditionally.

BTC Group specialists developed technical specifications for special and uniform wear for the Investigative Department of the Russian Federation, OAO RZhD, OAO Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye.

The comparative analysis of documents, classification of state standards for all types of personal protection equipment, expertise in working with technical specifications and standards of organizations, as well as self-design unique developments enable BTK Group offer services for the development of technical specifications for the clients working for a variety of industries.