All processes of the company BTC Group integrate innovative approach with a well-proven technological plan, according to which all stages of pre-production and production cycles are developed.

In a collection design, BTC Group experts rest upon a client’s demands. Each order is individual. Success of the approach selected is determined by a number of automated computer systems, which assist in accurate servicing every client, with no detail omitted, and in maintenance of the quality of the product manufactured at a proper level, accompanied with cost reduction.

In 2006, the equipment stock was completely upgraded, and a number of the latest technologies were implemented, which are annually extended with due consideration of dynamic development of the company.

BTC Group uses modern European cutting tools to create highly engineered models. The items are finally treated in steaming shops, where the part of equipment is made by special order of BTC Group (pressing buck shapes were designed according to the requirements of the company process managers), with manufacturing specifics taken into consideration.

Depending on the type of the operation performed, making up involves various kinds of sewing equipment. Using machines with automatic sequence control to define a dimension of sleeve setting in an item ensures high quality and performance in inserting a sleeve into the armhole.

Well-proven flow sheet, the latest sewing and cutting tools, and innovative technologies enable BTC Group to implement large-scale projects efficiently.